Duel and Duality - Episode 12 - The Blackadder Podcast

Duel and Duality – Episode 12

Duel and Duality was the final episode of Blackadder the Third and features a dramatic showdown when the Duke of Wellington discovers George has been getting a little too friendly with his nieces. In this podcast Gerry and Iain consider family honour and the consequences of role-reversal.



In the penultimate episode of Blackadder the Third there was only one major guest – the returning Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington. Gertan Klauber made a brief cameo as King George III, the Prince Regent’s father, towards the end of the episode.


Blackadder the Third was written by Ben Elton and by Richard Curtis and all six episodes were directed by the returning Mandie Fletcher. Once again, John Lloyd produced the series and Howard Goodall was responsible for the music.


Duel and Duality was released in 1987. It is 30 minutes long and originally aired on the BBC. Blackadder the Third is sadly not available on Netflix, but a remastered set of the whole series is available on DVD around the world (Region 1) (Region 2).


7 thoughts to “Duel and Duality – Episode 12”

  1. For those of us on this side of the Atlantic could you explain the “spent the night with a pair of Wellingtons” joke? I know that Wellingtons are waterproof boots but what’s the joke?

    1. Wellington boots come in pairs, so the ‘pair of wellingtons’ could be both the two nieces or a pair of boots.

      1. Thanks. Still kind of thin over here. On another note I can’t believe that you lads didn’t offer a critique of Rowan Atkinson’s accent as MacAdder.

  2. Very much enjoying your Blackadder podcast – I was just listening to an episode of a podcast that reviews the lives of each Roman Emperors in a light hearted fashion and one of presenters said he imagined the Roman Emperor Galba 69AD to be very much like Stephen Fry’s portrayal of the Duke of Wellington (sandals replacing boots i guess) – now that brings history to life! https://totalusrankium.podbean.com/e/07-galba/

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