Corporal Punishment - Episode 15 - The Blackadder Podcast

Corporal Punishment – Episode 15

Corporal Punishment was the second episode of Blackadder Goes Forth and features an impulsive decision that Blackadder soon comes to regret. In this podcast Gerry and Iain consider justice, beloved pets and amateur lawyering.



Alongside the series regulars this episode featured guest appearances from Jeremy Hardy as Blackadder’s jailer Corporal Perkins and Stephen Frost, Lee Cornes, Paul Mark Elliott and Jeremy Gittins as Corporal Jones and Privates Fraser, Robinson and Tipplewick respectively – Edmund’s jovial firing squad.


Blackadder Goes Forth was written by Ben Elton and by Richard Curtis and all six episodes were directed by Richard Boden, who made his series debut in the previous year’s Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. Once again, John Lloyd produced the series and Howard Goodall was responsible for the music, with the title track performed by The Band of the 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment (The Pompadour) with bandmaster Tim Parkinson.


Corporal Punishment was released in 1989. It is 30 minutes long and originally aired on the BBC. Blackadder Goes Forth is presently available on Netflix and a remastered set of the whole series is available on DVD around the world (Region 1) (Region 2).


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