Welcome to the Blackadder Podcast

From the team behind the Columbo Podcast and the Jonathan Creek Podcast comes the Blackadder podcast, an affectionate retrospective of the iconic BBC comedy series. The show will look at each series of Blackadder, as well as the special episodes, beginning with Blackadder II (don’t worry, we’ll circle around to The Black Adder in due course!). You can hear a short introductory episode below:



The Blackadder Podcast will launch on Wednesday 17th May 2017 with new episodes every other Wednesday.


2 thoughts to “Welcome to the Blackadder Podcast”

  1. Hello Lads! I don’t if I’m a returning friend (maybe the drunk heckling from the back of the audience), but I am a HUGE Blackadder fan. Looking forward to your podcast. I have my pants and pencils at the ready. Wibble!

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